Is it a crime to miaow at the moon?

Lothario is a pedigree Burmese cat. He’s worth about $2000 but no one holds that against him (it’s people who call prices, not cats).

The high price for ‘Rio’ is because he’s a stud cat, a fine enough vocation I suppose but not one that really appeals to me even if I hadn’t undergone my little nip ‘n tuck a few years back.

But Rio is in trouble!

Every now and then, he gets in the mood for some romantic liaisons and, if he hasn’t been professionally hitched up with some feisty little feline, he goes off into his room and miaows to the moon.

Neighbours have complained. Nasty letters have been written to local newspapers. People have been downright rude to Rio’s Staff.

All I can say is that’s a very sorry state of affairs. What kind of person complains about a singing cat?

The whole sad story

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